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Debate Reference List: 2 Employee Surveillance

Module 4: Part two (2) Debate Reference List – Provide a reference list for your topic you will need to provide at least seven (7) scholarly references and in APA format). Use the Baker Library to locate at least 7 peer reviewed research articles related to your chosen topic. Only two web sources (.com, .org, .edu etc.) will be accepted. Provide the following: 1. Your seven articles (remember only two web sources) must be submitted in APA format. You must...

Explain the monomyth or Hero’s Journey, and...

Your primary source is the novel itself. You must cite in your paper TWO secondary sources. Certain very reliable Web sites can be acceptable, as can articles in newspapers or magazines. You may use the sources that I provide in Course Materials

essay question.

Essay Assignment: Answer all of the following questions using headers to separate topics.Create your Essay Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style, and check your spelling.Required textbook: Kudyba, S.P. (2016). Healthcare Informatics: Improving efficiency through technology, analytics, and management. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.1. As one learns about all of the wonders of modern technologies, how would you respond (positive or negative, and why) to Dr. Victoria Sweet who wrote: In trying to get control...


Essay Assignment: Answer all of the following questions using headers to separate topics. As one learns about all of the wonders of modern technologies, how would you respond (positive or negative, and why) to Dr. Victoria Sweet who wrote: In trying to get control of healthcare costs by emphasizing “efficiency,” we’ve headed down a wrong path. Medicine works best—that is, arrives at the right diagnosis and the right treatment for the least cost—when the doctor has enough time to do...

Moore, L. (2009). Economic “reality” and the...

As you write the analysis, try to answer questions such as: • Who is the intended audience for the article? • Do you think the article will be helpful to this audience? • How does this article relate to the accounting profession? • What benefits can practicing accountants gain from this article? • Are there any other unresolved accounting issues that the authors could have addressed?

Reality, Art, and Truth.

. The Self Discuss the avocado idea of the self and explain at least one version of the idea that human beings have a shared essential nature.  Contrast this account with the artichoke idea of the self (drawing upon phenomenology and existentialism to develop your account) and a discussion of how the modern/avocado and postmodern/artichoke ideas of the self differ. You may use your analysis from the Week 2 and 3 discussion assignments to develop your account in Part I....

Essay 2

Review "Aristotle's Concept of Tragedy" on pp. 1160-1162. Explain the concept of the tragic hero. Explain how the characters of Antigone and Creon are developed in the play Antigone. Argue for which character is the tragic hero. (You may also argue that both share the role equally.) Include in your argument a description of the play's main conflict and one or more of its major themes.

Conflict Anlysis

Identify a conflict that you face or have faced in your profession, business, church, family or other organization because of specific beliefs, values, and/or behaviors connected to your worldview. Describe the conflict situation. For example, what core belief or value of yours was challenged? Was your value/belief held explicitly (spoken) or implicitly (unspoken)? And was it challenged explicitly or implicitly? How did this impact your relationship with the organization? What did you think and feel about the conflict? Identify your...

analyze the effect of technological advancement on...

After reading Brave New World, analyze the effect of technological advancement on society in light of the theories presented by Park, Pareto, Mannheim, and Sorokin. Consider how these theorists would respond to the connection Huxley makes between society and technology in his novel. After analyzing Brave New World in light of the theories of Park, Pareto, Mannheim, and Sorokin, draft an outline. Begin by describing these theories, and then explain how the society described in Brave New World can be...

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